Let Me Help You Develop a Website

Hi! I’m Stephanie Shackelford, a new graphic and web designer/developer. I want to help you create your online presence.

I love learning new things so when I had the opportunity to learn web development (html and css), I dived right in. Being a hands-on learner, I learned to create websites by creating websites. In the process, I learned to love creating new sites.(View a few of my designs in my portfolio.Links in the portfolio will take you to retired, but working sites.)

I’m experimenting again. Giving myself more hands-on lessons, this time adding web-hosting and maintenance to professional website development.

If you want to create a website, but have a small budget and/or are unsure how to go about it, I can help.

Self-managed plans $25 per year

This option is obviously the most economical, but it is also the most “on your own.” I sell you hosting (1GB storage, 10GB bandwidth per month). That, a text editor and an ftp program (both available free) is all you really need to create, upload and maintain a website. If you know what you are doing, I’ll leave you alone and let you at it. I will always be available via email and most issues will be easily resolved. However, there may be charges incurred if resolving any issues involve more than a quick fix. Of course, you will always be informed of the exact charge and given the opportunity to approve it.

If you would prefer a little more guidance, for a few dollars more ($20 one-time fee) I will install the WordPress software, give you some initial instruction and training and provide links to documentation. From that point on, you are free to add new themes and plugins, experiment with all the available WordPress options, even play with the code if that’s what you want. (Note: You can only do this using the WordPress.org software. WordPress.com and WordPress.org are different services. Read this article to gain some insight into the com vs org debate.)

Managed plan $20-100 per month

If you want SaRose Design to install and routinely maintain your website, I am more than happy to accommodate you. Cost will depend on the complexity of the site you want developed and the time needed to maintain it. Most sites with 1-3 plugins installed will cost $20.  Any commerce sites will be substantially more than that.

All managed sites will be backed up weekly. If you want daily backups, the charge is minimal.

Forum support

Currently, forum support is being created where you can bring any questions or issues to the SaRose Design community. Access to this forum is included in all hosting packages. (Until the forum is fully functional, a discount may be offered for help populating the forum. Contact Stephanie to discuss a possible discount.)

Let me help you create your online presence, starting with an easily designed website.

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